At home I go up the stairs not down

Catalog, 2012

Andrea Loefke’s catalogue, At Home I Go Up The Stairs Not Down, documents the artist’s site specific installation commissioned for the German collector Thomas Rusche, and permanently on display at the SOR Rusche Collection in Berlin. The catalogue is also a comprehensive insight into the multiform installations, drawing, and sculpture of the German born New York artist. Delving into a paradoxical world of sinister fairytale narratives encompassing hierarchies of material and form yet with a leitmotif of childlike playfulness that entices the viewer into brightly coloured labyrinthine and psychological journeys.

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Performative Kreativität by Ines Seumel

Book, 2015

Performative Kreativität suggests that performative oriented creativity is intended when creative impulses, forces, and strategies clearly relate to the implementation and enforcement of an act. Actions in the performative sense, which are deliberately executed and perceived primarily visually, can act as artistic images by means of classical and specific design elements. Using constructive suggestions and numerous examples, the systematic guidelines for the rationale and principles of performative mediation illustrate how the visual language of action can be taught and learned in curricular and extra-curricular contexts. Pulses, exercises, lists of criteria, and methodological indications for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of performative sequences pursue the concerns of a performance doctrine formed through theory and methodically structured in practice.

Ines Seumel’s book, Performative Kreativität, surveys artists whose work is grounded in performative gestures. Work by Andrea Loefke is illustrated in Chapter 4.2.3. Perspektive: Kompetenzförderung (Perspective: Capacity Building). Andrea Loefke: Ausflug ins Gruene (Outing to Greenwood), 2015, p.320-322.

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