Ausflug ins Gruene

Conceived and designed by Andrea Loefke, this short sketch depicts an ‘Outing to Greenwood’:
Three layers of worlds/experiences horizontally, above each other and in different shades of green, communicate, control, suppress, discover and connect. A fictional land is inhabited by plant-like living creatures, encountering battles of hierarchy, turmoil and surrender.
Performers, “clown class” (School of Music, Theater and Dance): Nico Ager, Julia Albain, Sarah Ashley, Mark Ayesh, Lee Tyler, Brittany Rose, Darren Criss, Maggie Ferguson-Wagstaffe, Jessica Maynard, Seth Moore, Joe Moses, Adam Moskal, Dylan Saunders, Meredith Stepien, Kaylin Tavolacci, Joe Walker, Liam White, Lauren Lopez.
Directed by Malcolm Tulip
Costume Team, “Dressing Up & Down” class (School of Art & Design): Ellen Bilder, Mariel Black, Angela Chih, Adrianne Davis, Carrie Dennis, Anastassia Fulmer, Kelly Golden, Kristina Knopic, Lana McKinnon, Chelsea Morrison, Yonit Olshan, Page Redford, Alice Richardson, June Saito, Leah Shopinski, Sarah Simmons, Amariah Stepter, Katie Wahl.
Directed by Rebekah Modrak

Production & Editing by Kath Weider-Roos
Additional Camera, R.Thomas Bray
Sound design by Kath Weider-Roos
Original sound beds & closing music by Frank Pahl

This project is possible thanks to funding from the Witt Visiting Artist Program.

Filmed on location at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design, Slusser Lounge.


Project pictures